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This is where it all begins!

With nearly 500 hundred students enrolled, Get Started with French Cooking is our flagship course. If you're new to the world of French cuisine or want to level up your skills in the kitchen, this is where your French cooking journey begins. A complete program that teaches all the basic skills you need to make amazing French dishes, this course will take you from cooking novice to confident chef in your kitchen.

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Master the essential skills to create classic French desserts

In this course, you'll learn the essential skills that form basic French patisserie and master 10 classic French desserts that the whole family will love. From creme brûlée to tarte tatin and flan patisserie to floating islands, there’s a delicious recipe for every palette.

Stop following recipes and learn how to cook

Whether you want to improve your home cooking or aspire to become a great chef, it's vital that you master the basic tecniques first. Every great chef has tread the path of learning the classic French techniques that are the foundation of cooking in the Western World. Here at the French Cooking Academy online school, you will learn these same fundamental cooking skills to become a true chef in your kitchen.

Like being in a culinary school

French Cooking Academy (FCA) courses are unique in that they're based on the classic cooking skills taught in French culinary schools and the time honored techniques developed by the fathers of French cuisine. FCA courses are also practical and 'hands-on'. This means you practice cooking as you learn, just like you would in a culinary school.

French food made easy

Stephane breaks the myth that making great French food is only for the professionals or that it should be intimidating. His techniques and recipes are precise, easy to follow and always relevant for you, the home cook. With a mix of theory, cooking demonstrations and recipe challenges you'll be engaged and motivated until the end of each course.

Here's a sample of the cooking techniques you can learn at the French Cooking Academy

Knife skills

Learn the range of knife skills that will have you cutting and slicing like a pro

Classic vegetable cuts

Brunoise, mirepoix, chiffonnade and julienne; learn the most important vegetable cuts and how to use them

Mise en place

Learn how mise en place can improve efficiency and your results in the kitchen

Culinary techniques

Learn vegetable cooking techniques like monder, glazing, caramelizing, white cooking and more

Classic potato recipes

Discover the techniques to transform the humble potato into a range of classic delicious dishes

French mother sauces

Learn to make the 5 classic French mother sauces

How to use marinades

Learn the different types of marinades and how they're used in French recipes

Master cooking stocks

Master the basic range of cooking stocks including meat-based, fish and vegetable

Pastry making

Learn to make pastry from scratch and never buy the pre-made stuff again

Create the perfect quiche

Discover our quiche making techniques to make beautiful quiches every time

Cook the perfect steak

Never get the 'doneness' of your steak wrong again with our steak cooking techniques

Ragout making

Learn all the secrets to making a great ragout

Cooking techniques

Practise the fundamental cooking techniques including braising, sauteing, searing, glazing and more

Authentic French recipes

Learn to make dozens of authentic French recipes with step by step videos and recipe guides

Custard & puddings

Discover the world of French custards and puddings

Sweet sauces

Learn to make beautiful sweet sauces to smother your desserts

Master French desserts

Acquire the patisserie skills to make a range of classic French desserts

Choux pastry

Everything you need to know to make choux pastry


"Of all of my adventures in the kitchen, one of the most challenging has been emulsified hot sauces; i,e., Hollandaise (Mother) and Béarnaise. I’d like to say I’ve mastered these sauces, thanks to a sauce class I took in Paris. That would be untrue. I learned from Stéphane!"

Jeffery C

"I spent some time in culinary school (interrupted by covid) and the instruction from FCA is as good or better. And on the history and origin of dishes and techniques, Stéphane is the best!"

David P

"I’m so glad to find a course that focuses on technique and builds basic skills from the bottom up. Looking forward to becoming a “real” cook instead of someone who just follows recipes."

Gillian B

"Filets de Poissons Duglere! This was a tough one, but a crowd pleaser. Even my four year old chowed it down."

Alex R

"A few weeks after starting this course I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease at the age of 34. Although things about this course have been tougher for me than for others (imagine how much my cutting skills have declined) and I now move super slow, this course has been the greatest distraction I could have hoped for. I am soo grateful. Eventually, when I finish this I am going to feel like I really achieved something great!"

Danielle L

"Thanks to Stephane Fca for the awesome course and techniques that have opened up an entire culinary horizon for us!"

Henry F