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Ready to take your potato dishes to the next level? our latest online course will teach you how to make everything from classic potato salads to crispy fries and a selection of chef inspired recipes.

👩‍🍳 What You’ll Learn:

  • Different types of potatoes and their best uses
  • Essential peeling and cutting techniques
  • Perfecting boiling, roasting, baking, and frying
  • Traditional and innovative recipes

🎥 Course Includes:

  • Step-by-step video tutorials
  • Downloadable recipe E-book
  • Access to our community of food lovers

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Your Path to French Culinary Mastery

All our courses are built from the ground up with the home cook in mind, and everything we teach and do is done in our home kitchen studio. This ensures that you can follow along and practice techniques and recipes easily using your own kitchen setup.

In the past 5 years, we've empowered thousands of students to boost their kitchen confidence, learn new skills, and transition from home cooks to home chefs. In some cases, we've even inspired and reignited the passion of existing professional cooks.

Whether you're a seasoned home cook or just starting out, we make learning French cooking accessible and fun.

Our cooking courses are 'hands-on' with easy-to-follow tutorials that not only break down the theory behind cooking but also get you practicing what you learn, just like in a culinary school.

At the French Cooking Academy, we love pushing the boundaries of what can realistically be taught in a home kitchen. Our courses delve deep and wide into the world of French gastronomy.

Whether you're here simply to improve your cooking skills or you're ready to take things to the next level by mastering sauce-making, charcuterie, learning about French patisserie, or making authentic French recipes, we have something for you.

Value for Money

Gain the same knowledge and skills taught at traditional in person culinary classes, but at a fraction of the cost and in the convenience of your own kitchen.

With our online courses, you have the freedom to learn at your own pace, allowing for a flexible and personalized learning experience. Immerse yourself in the art of French cooking and unlock your culinary potential from the comfort of your own home.

More then just Courses

At the French Cooking Academy, our courses are divided into three categories: culinary fundamentals courses, masterclasses, and cooking journeys.

Our culinary fundamental courses, such as our beginner course "Get Started with French Cooking" or "Mastering French Sauces at Home," consist of full programs organized in a school curriculum fashion. These courses will take you from the very beginning all the way to becoming comfortable using French culinary techniques and easily making most French recipes found in any book or website. These types of courses delve deep and will keep you busy for quite some time.

Masterclasses, such as our course "Bistrot Charcuterie for Beginners," focus on learning and improving your skills on one particular topic at a time. They allow you to go deeper, use more advanced techniques, and make more intricate recipes.

On the other hand, the Cooking Journeys are a series of recipe tutorials designed to have you practice your cooking skills. Typically, we call these journeys because each course is built around a particular theme, such as discovering unique regional French recipes with our "Gastronomad Journey." This journey takes you around French regions to learn more about the local customs and specialties, all while practicing to cook like a local with a series of recipes.

Discover the most extensive selection of French Cooking courses

Joining the French Cooking Academy will grant you access to unique content that you won't find anywhere else. Whether it's on websites, YouTube, or any other online cooking school, you won’t find the kind of content that is available here.

Since 2017, we have been developing online courses and have built a comprehensive catalogue that is unparalleled and exclusive to our school.

Examples of such offerings include our flagship course, "Get Started with French Cooking," which provides months of instruction on essential culinary skills, akin to what students would learn over a year at a French cooking school.

Additionally, our course dedicated to French sauce-making, "Mastering French Sauces at Home," will transform you into an expert home saucier, capable of crafting any stock, jus, and demi-glace. This is followed by a series of hands-on lessons that will teach you how to craft 30 of the most famous French sauces, a unique opportunity not typically available even in culinary schools.

We continually expand our course offerings, with several available now and others currently in production.

Benefits of learning with us.

Easy to follow video tutorials.

Our video tutorials are engaging and easy to follow. We emphasize the 'why' behind recipes and techniques.

Your personal cooking teacher

Your culinary teacher, Stephane, will make you feel like you are having a one-on-one cooking lesson from home.

Exclusive resources.

Our courses are packed with exclusive downloadable recipes, guides, and tips to support your cooking journey.

Learn anytime, anywhere with our school app

The School Ap is available for download on iOS mobile phones and tablets (iPads)

Some of the app features will allow you to:

  • Access all your courses from the app
  • Pick up where you left off in your course
  • Easily navigate from lesson to lesson and course to course
  • Take lecture quizzes and view your results
  • Complete lessons and track your progress
  • Download your lessons and access them offline"


Boost Your Kitchen Confidence: Tackle more complex dishes with ease. Our video lessons teach you the "why" behind each recipe, setting you up for cooking success.

Expand Your Culinary Toolkit: Master new techniques and gain the confidence to create culinary masterpieces at home using the utensils and equipment you already have.

Inspiration to Create Restaurant-Quality Food: Learn to cook dishes you'll be proud to share, which is also a great way to save money on dining out.

Cultivate a Lifelong Passion for French Cuisine: Join the French Cooking Club and connect with like-minded food enthusiasts from around the world. Share your cooking progress and celebrate your triumphs together.

French Cooking that Goes Beyond the Cliché: Sure, we cover the classics, but get ready to uncover hidden gems not found in your everyday cookbooks or online resources.

Downloadable Recipes and Cooking Guides: Access all our downloadable recipes, along with handy resources, tips, and exciting cooking challenges to test your skills.

Meet your cooking instructor.

With more than 8 years of teaching experience at the French cooking academy, Stéphane has cultivated an extensive culinary knowledge of all aspects of French cuisine, including both practical and theoretical elements. His accessible and fun approach to decoding the complexity of French cuisine has attracted thousands of enthusiasts worldwide who have decided to join his ranks and learn under his guidance. With his down-to-earth and fun attitude, combined with his natural ability to connect with others, Stéphane's style of teaching is clear and concise. He communicates complex techniques in a way that everyone can understand.